Salmon eggs are HERE!

“Salmon are among the oldest natives of the Pacific Northwest, and over millions of years they learned to inhabit and use nearly all the region’s freshwater, estuarine and marine habitats. …From a mountaintop where an eagle carries a salmon carcass to feed its young, out to the distant oceanic waters of the California Current and the Alaska Gyre, the salmon have penetrated the Northwest to an extent unmatched by any other animal. They are like silver threads woven deep into the fabric of the Northwest Ecosystem.”

                              Excerpted from “Salmon without Rivers: a History of the Pacific Salmon Crisis” by Jim Lichatowich,1999. Island Press.

THE EGGS ARE HERE!  They can be found in the SMM Science Lab.

Through a generous grant from the Fulcrum Foundation and a new partnership with the Tulalip Tribe Fish Hatchery, our students will have the experience of raising salmon in our very own SMM science lab. Our 50 gallon tank is filled with chum salmon which arrived in the eyed stage and will hatch within a a week or two.  All grades have been invited to participate in the project and viewing time has been built in to allow classes in the science lab to observe the changes in our eggs.  Students will also learn about the life cycle of salmon and study its role in the history of the Northwest.

Our release is planned for March 13th at the Tulalip Reservation in Marysville.