Mrs. Monnica Peinado honored after 31 years at SMM

Mrs. Peinado’s love of art has been the driving force behind our Art Docent Program.  She has been organizing parent volunteers for the past 10 years bringing art education into the classroom at every level.  Our annual Art Walk & Ice Cream social is an opportunity to display and celebrate the creative works of our students in preschool through 8th grade.

And after 31 years we emotionally say goodbye to Mrs. Peinado as she begins retirement. She is the definition of a pillar of SMM.  Countless students have had the privilege of being in her class and experiencing her unconditional care. Her dedication to her students, SMM, and Catholic education is a model that we can only hope generation after generation of educators aspire to. She has dedicated her career, which in this profession encompasses your life, to serving others. Think about that…For over 40 years, Mrs. Peinado has gotten up each day and gone out to serve others. What a noble and inspirational way to spend all of these years. And with Mrs. Peinado it has truly been service. She is as selfless as they come. Everything is for her students and for the school she cares so very much for. I am not sure I have had the pleasure of working with someone who has had such genuine care for a school. She is everything that it means to be a Catholic school teacher, and everything it means to be a teacher at St. Mary Magdalen. We all are better for having been taught by her, teaching with her, having her teach your children, and simply for having the pleasure of having a genuine conversation with her about her students and her school.

We wish you all the best Monnica!