As we approach Thanksgiving, I would like to share my reflections on gratitude. 

During my time here, I have experienced many things for which I am grateful, but one of the things that I am most grateful for is our parents.  I have noticed that we have a strong school community and the support of parents has been invaluable to helping us achieve our mission as a Christ-centered school.

  • I am grateful to share in the expertise of the members of our School Commission who are currently assisting in the development of our 5-year plan.
  • I am grateful for our Parents Club who has demonstrated continuous enthusiasm through their event planning and great perseverance in making all of our families feel welcome.
  • Thank you to all who volunteered at our very successful Halloween Carnival. 
  • I am grateful for those members of our Latino Parent Group who set up our Day of the Dead “Ofrenda” from October 31- November 2 (All Souls Day).
  • I am grateful for the parents who come in and volunteer for our school clubs, tutoring, CYO, and other after-school activities.
  • I am grateful to the parent who volunteered to paint the counselor’s office this summer.
  • I am grateful every morning at drop off to be able to greet our parents and students as they come into the school.
  • I am grateful that parents are involved in the lives of their students and care so much about education.

We have a unique culture here at St. Mary Magdalen.  It is filled with care and commitment. This does not exist at every school and I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge one of the greatest strengths at St. Mary Magdalen-  our dedicated and involved parent community. 

School’s exist to serve students and without an involved parent community, a dedicated staff, and a strong mission centered school focus, the ability of an institution to educate, inspire, motivate, and empower its students to be successful lifelong learners is in jeopardy.

Thank you for your continued support. Together we can fulfill our school’s mission to “educate, model, and inspire faith, academic excellence, integrity, respect, and service within ourselves and the global community.”

David Ramseyer, Principal