An Extraordinary Community

It is nearly the end of the second trimester and this one has been particularly eventful. We have shared several holidays, Christmas break, and unusual weather events. Despite all of these events, learning still continues and our students are still growing. I think it speaks of the strong sense of community that we share here at St. Mary Magdalen. There are many schools that provide a good education, but what is unique here is our community. Being members of St. Mary Magdalen is about more than just grades and test scores, it is about developing as a person in a community that shares a critical set of values.

I see this shared set of values when our students behave respectfully to one another. I notice these values when I see teachers putting in extra time to run programs such as a club, drama, sports, and music because it is a passion of their students. I see staff enjoy spending time with each other, and our students. I see our parents take time to talk with each other in the parking lot and I hear they even associate outside of school. Our students are friends both in the classroom and outside of the school day. Our students know our pastor Father Olson and he knows who they are. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with all these groups on a regular basis.

These shared values are evident in the grace that is displayed by our families and our staff when we have to deal with challenging circumstances such as the recent bout of snow days, followed by more snow days this month, and snow during drop off. Everyone possessed a willingness to pull together for our students and to ensure that their education was not impacted negatively.

What I saw during the past several snow days were students that were excited to see their teachers, not disappointed that school is in session when it was snowing. I saw teachers that were excited to be here and who arrived early to make sure that they were prepared to help with our challenging parking lot situation. I saw our values displayed when the same quality and standard of learning occurred despite all these unusual circumstances. I know that I am part of an exceptional community and I feel fortunate that my family can participate in that community as well. Thank you to all who help sustain and enrich St. Mary Magdalen School.