Weekly Recap, April 2, 2020

Families of St Mary Magdalen School,

We are coming up on Holy Week, which, for all Catholics, will be different this year. We are asking our staff and our families to help this be a special time for our community. We are also asking for help for students to appreciate the significance of Easter in light of the fact that we will not be able to gather together in church. At the end of this blog, I’ve gathered some resources to help celebrate Holy Week. Please take a moment to review the resources to see if there is something that you can share with your family to build a connection to this significant season with your children.

I also wanted to remind families that we will be participating in spring break which occurs during its regularly scheduled time from Saturday, April 11th, through Sunday, April 19th. During this time I encourage all of our families to take a break from the screens, to recharge, and to relax with your family and loved ones.

I also wanted to address the question about the date of the end of the school year. We have been working with the Office of Catholic Schools in conjunction with the State of Washington and we have determined that, at this time, the end of our school year will not need to change. June 12th will be our last day of school.

I hope that you are looking forward to Easter and some much needed time to rest, relax and to enjoy the blessing of your family. Please enjoy the resources below and God Bless.

Holy Week Videos for Family Engagement

  1. How to Make a Prayer Table (2:56) – Teaches families how to make a prayer table at home
  2. Easter Story Eggs (6:34) – Teaches how to do the Easter Story Eggs activity

Holy Week Web resources for Family Engagement

Praying at Home during Holy Week – Palm Sunday


The prayers in this resource guide encourage people at home—whether you live alone or with your family—to enter into Holy Week as intensely as possible under these extraordinary circumstances.

Holy Week Resources for Families


Use these Holy Week resources to prepare for and celebrate the final week of Lent.

40 Lenten Activities for Catholic Families


This downloadable/printable resource will engage the entire family to participate in Lent in a revolutionary way.

Lenten Activities for Children


The activities provided offer ideas for how you can help the children you serve to understand and embrace the season of Lent.

Living the Liturgical Year at Home: Lent


The disciplines of Lent offer an annual chance for spiritual housekeeping, a time to reflect on our faith in every aspect of our lives. Lent is also a forty-day journey that, like any journey, benefits from having a well-planned itinerary.

My Catholic Kids


This resource offers videos about the Mass and follows along with the liturgy using the Children’s Missalette. Currently offering free access to their video library during the national COVID-19 emergency.