Weekly Recap, April 9, 2020

Good Afternoon Families of St. Mary Magdalen,

This Sunday marks the most important celebration in the Church’s yearly calendar, the celebration of Easter. At the bottom of this communication you will find a link to attend Mass virtually this Easter Sunday. I would invite all our families to take the opportunity to celebrate Easter with their loved ones. Spend the day with your families and take the opportunity to slow down, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

I would ask that as we move into spring break that we all take a break from screens and spend time practicing self-care. The world is a challenging place right now and this break is an opportunity for us all to recharge. Linked to this blog is a guide to self-care from the Office of Catholic Schools, with a contact if you need some additional assistance.

I wanted to close with a thank you. Thank you to our community for supporting us during this change to remote learning. Thank you to our students for the hard work that you put in on a daily basis. I would like to especially thank our teachers and our staff. This work would not be possible without them. They have really stepped up to this new challenge. I am impressed with the quality of their work, willingness to adapt, and their perseverance. St. Mary Magdalen School is something that I value being a part of, and I am grateful that my children have the opportunity to attend. I feel that we are blessed as a community for the devotion of our staff to the education of our children. We will continue to work to improve our process, we will continue to provide the best education possible under the circumstances, and we will continue to be a successful ministry of the parish with the purpose of educating God’s children. I hope you all have a blessed Easter, and I pray that God may continue to bless our community.

We invite you to the live streaming of Mass at St Mary Magdalen church: https://www.smmparish.org/92 


Easter Vigil – April 11 at 8:30pm

EASTER SUNDAY – April 12 at 8:00am & 10:00am

con el Obispo Elizondo

Sábado de Gloria – Abril 11 – 8:30pm

DOMINGO DE PASCUA – Abril 12 – 8:30am