Weekly Recap, April 23, 2020

Families of St. Mary Magdalen School,

I hope that you had a relaxing Easter break. As we come back to school we are working to stay Irish strong through the end of the year. We want to make sure we are responsive to new guidance from both the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction as well as the Office of Catholic Schools. You are going to see a change in the way we will be assessing grades for the end of the trimester. More details about this process will be coming out over the next few weeks as well as what exactly grading will look like for the rest of the trimester.

The stay at home order impacts both a student’s ability to be as successful as they might otherwise be, and a family’s ability to be as fully supportive as they might under normal circumstances. These circumstances can greatly impact a student’s ability to learn. We encourage your student to focus on feedback from their teacher to understand their level of mastery. Our focus is to provide families with a meaningful understanding of where they’re learning is at and what the next steps for growth are.

I’d also like to let families know that we will be offering the State of the School address over a virtual platform this year. We hope to send out the State of the School Address to our families on Monday. The State of the School address will be accompanied by a Google Form that will allow you to ask questions and to register for a live question-answering session that will be held the following week. I would like to close by thanking our families for being part of our SMM community and Go Irish!