Our 2020 Auction will be Amazing!

Visit our auction website here for more information.  Please review our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have additional questions please email me directly at mmorrierturk@stmarym.org.

 Q: What is the link to our auction site and how do I register?

A: The link to our site is: https://stmarym.ejoinme.org/MyEvents/2020SpringGala/tabid/1135385/Default.aspx  You can use this hyperlink above as well.

To register, visit our site and select “Registration”. This will bring you to our registration page which provides information about SMM, provides the link to the actual registration page, and allows for individuals to “donate now” to support SMM.

Q: Can I share our auction website with friends and family?

A: YES, please do! On the right side of our auction page you’ll see “share” just above our sponsor listing. You can select any or all of the options to share our auction information. The more people who see our items, the better. Sharing with your family and friends is a great way to receive additional donations and support for our children and their education.

Q: What is the difference between “silent” and “live” auction items, and do I really need to be online and live during the auction process?

A: The only difference between “silent” and “live” items are the categories in which we are auctioning off items. At an in-person event, we would have auctioned off silent items at tables and allowed people to bid via a write in bid over a period of time. Only the live items would have been auctioned off by an auctioneer.

You do not need to be online during the live portion unless you are entering in your bid. We do have some fun events scheduled for the live portion to include a few fun Facebook live updates from Dr. Mahar and myself and we do encourage people to tune in for live updates, but we also recognize that based on the timing of updates, it may not be possible for you to join us online to watch those updates. We’ll send out updates throughout the auction keeping our families and friends updated on our progress and how items are progressing.

Q: How do I bid on an item? Can I purchase an item outright?

A: To review the bidding instructions please visit this link.

Items are available to purchase outright and list the “Guaranteed Purchase” price. If you want to purchase the item outright, you will need to select and enter the guaranteed price listed.