Weekly Recap, June 4, 2020

Dear St. Mary Magdalen Families,

The past week has provoked much deep thinking and self-reflection. Sometimes I just feel I cannot pray enough with all that is happening and the injustices we face every day. I do remain hopeful however, but not without acting. We must teach our children, with intention, about love and kindness; empathy and compassion; understanding and give them tools to have a voice. Please see this link which is a letter from Bishop Etienne about the unrest and a call to action. We keep you close to our hearts.

Amidst this social unrest, we are living in/with the pandemic. How do we start school? When will we be provided guidance? What will this all look like? I do not have any specific answers, however I wanted to share with you a document, created by the Executive Principals in the Archdiocese, anticipating several different scenarios and the considerations necessary for each. It is overwhelming but needs to be done – the planning must happen. I can tell you the probability is high we will have to create two plans – Plan A and Plan B. We will know more specifics regarding this on June 8th. Also, I wanted to assure you, should we start fully online, St. Mary Magdalen will provide childcare in accordance with the Department of Health. We have been given guidance and specifics about holding such on site. More to come as we know how school will begin. The facilities folks here at the parish have been great to work with as we learn all the implications of COVID and school.

I will be seeking your input and thinking about all of this via a survey. Please look for it within the next day through Constant Contact. I want you to be a part of the process and solution to make however we open, the best possible learning experience for our students in a faith filled community.

Peace to you and yours,

Dr. B

Dr. Bernadine Mahar

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”