Let There be PEACE on Earth….

And Let it Begin with Me.

A few years ago our country experienced tragedy that touched our SMM school community, which brought about much discussion within our 8th grade class.  We had a deep conversation about PEACE and how each and every one of us can play a role in spreading PEACE in our world.  It begins with each of us, parents and students alike!

Mrs. Wilson (Middle School Math teacher) had launched our school’s very first PEACE campaign.  It all began with an all-school assembly and has evolved into a monthly tradition for several years now.  One of our graduates designed a fun t-shirt/sweatshirt for students to purchase and wear on PEACE days throughout the school year.  The message is simple…Let there be PEACE on earth and let it begin with me.

A visible reminder is key…SMM stands for PEACE!  This campaign reminds each of us that if WE share this PEACE in our small communities, we will impact the world at large.

We have planned all-school “PEACE days”  where students who have purchased shirts or sweatshirts can wear them all day spreading this important message.  On those days students will also have an opportunity to discuss what they are doing to make a positive impact at school, home, and outside.

Join us in this effort by purchasing a t-shirt or sweatshirt in the order form below.  Consider giving one as a gift.  You can order both youth and adult sizes.  Help SMM spread the message of PEACE!

Deadline for this order is October 8th at 4:00 pm. Orders will be delivered to students early November.