Scholastic Book Fair Offers a Staff eWALLET

New at this year’s Scholastic Book Fair is an opportunity for staff to create their own eWALLET.  This allows parents to donate towards a teachers classroom library in an amount that is perfect for each parent, and allows teachers to pool all donations to purchase some of the more expensive books they may not otherwise receive as a donation.  If you are interested in participating this year, please review the list of staff who have created an eWALLET and select their name below. This will take you directly to their site where donations can be made.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Buennagel at Thank you.

Preschool 3 year old – Mrs. Mendoza

Pre-K – Mrs. Castro

Kindergarten A – Mrs. White

Reading Specialist – Mrs. Latta

1A – Mrs. Harris

2A – Ms. Borseth

3A – Mrs. Houghton

5A – Mrs. Martin

5B – Mrs. Yee

Middle School Science – Mrs. Tyndall

Middle School ELA – Ms. Haklitch

Middle School History – Mrs. O’Donnell