Our Distance Learning Plan

Distance Learning is different from traditional classrooms. There are some common practices that we will have in place to ensure the integrity of our curriculum in a faith filled environment and to help hold students accountable for their work. Deep thought and timely actions have allowed us to institute distance learning in a continuous, integral manner while students and staff are away from the school building. 

All our students, K-8, are on Google Classroom.

We are dedicated to the following processes and procedures:

1. Attendance is taken daily and recorded in PowerSchool (the student information system).

2. Daily announcements and prayer will be uploaded to each Google Classroom for routine.

3. The ‘virtual’ classroom will consist of the same classes as if attending school (i.e. Social Studies, English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Religion, Specialists).

5. Given that ALL students have access via virtual classroom and school email, staff will respond to questions and concerns regarding assignments so that standards can be met. Differentiation is a must, even in a virtual world. Our school counselor and diversified learning specialist are working with individual students to support their ISSP’s. Parents and Guardians have access to Google Classroom via a Parent/Guardian request through the teacher.

6. Both formative and summative assessments will be delivered in several modalities.

7. Teachers will respond to parent and student communication within a 24-hour period during the regular school day. Office hours are posted online for both the business of school as well as classroom instruction.

8. To ensure student safety in a digital world:

a. We teach online digital literacy (Common Sense Media) via the counselor classroom.

b. Administration has access to all online communications via Google Classroom.

c. All students have a signed Internet Use Policy on file.

9. Tech support is offered remotely.

We are so proud of the work being done. We maintain high standards in a faith filled environment.