Orange Ruler

Orange Ruler is a wonderful fundraising event at SMM.  It begins with a kick-off assembly and continues with a donation drive.  Donations can be collected in person or online.  The online platform makes it SO easy to reach more friends and family.

Students win prizes during the drive all while momentum builds towards the BIG run.  It is a high energy, community building event.

Prizes are given out to students as we build excitement for the day of the run.  This year’s event will kick off on Friday, September 16th at 2 pm with an all school assembly.  The fun run is October 14th.  All students are encouraged to wear orange the day of the run.

Like last year, we will have a picnic lunch for all families before the start of the run.  If it is a nice day, families can eat outside in the grassy area or on the paved area. If it is raining, we will plan to eat in the classrooms.

More details will be posted in September.  If you have any questions, please email Kristin Moore at