School Commission

The St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School Commission is an advisory board and assists the Pastor and Principal in developing broad policies and direction for the school. The Commission is informed of educational and financial matters to be of greatest assistance for the general good of the School.

The Commission’s responsibilities include establishing a mission statement and strategic plan, recommending and defending policy, offering financial advice, providing optimal public relations, evaluating the Commission’s effectiveness, and — if invited by the pastor — participating in the selection process of the principal.

The Commission consists of practicing Catholics from the Parish and school community who are strong advocates of Catholic education and provide leadership, guidance, and encouragement to St. Mary Magdalen School to ensure the continuation of an active and effective teaching ministry.

Commission Members:

David Hookfin, Technology Advisor

Alex Crane, Secondary Educational Advisor
Principal, Archbishop Murphy High School

Jane Mason, 2018-2019 Commission President

Mike Simmons, Parish Council Representative

Jenny Keeney, Parent

Jeff Decker, Financial Advisor

Alvin Imadhay, Technology Advisor

Tracy Hookfin, Ex-officio member, Parent Club President

*Ex-officio members also include the Pastor, School Principal, Finance Manager, and Parents Club board representative (usually the President).