Spanish Immersion Class

Whether you are a native speaker or you are learning Spanish for the first time, this opportunity is for you! This class is facilitated by some of our very own St. Mary Magdalen moms. Practice Spanish conversation while learning new vocabulary and grammar all through immersion.  A second language is so valuable in today’s world.

Sign up soon, space is limited to 15 students per section.

Classes run for 5-6 weeks depending on the session.

Classes begin at 1:45 pm and end at 2:45 pm

Cost:  $10 per student


1st & 2nd Graders (Class located in the KA classroom)

3rd & 4th Graders (Class located in 5A Grade classroom)

5th Graders (Class located in 5B Grade classroom)

Native Speakers (Class located in KB classroom)

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