Familiarity with modern technology is essential to student success.

Using Today’s Technology to Enhance Instructional Methods

As technology becomes increasingly important for well-rounded learners, St. Mary Magdalen School integrates technology into daily learning in many ways:

Laptops serve as a wireless, mobile lab accessible to first grade through eighth grade classes.

Lessons incorporate iPads during the year through language applications, voice recording, video and photo applications, and skill reinforcement.

Teachers regularly utilize laptops in conjunction with document cameras and projectors in daily lessons.

Teachers and students use web-based programs such as Mathletics, RAZ Kidz, Discovery Education, Reading Counts, Tumblebooks, and Proquest along with iPad apps and computer programs to reinforce skills and challenge students at all levels.

The junior high science lab takes advantage of an Apple TV and Kindergarten through fourth grade classrooms are equipped with interactive Promethean Boards that bring learning to life.

We acknowledge that technology changes almost daily, and we plan to keep up with evolving technology to give our students an edge.

Teaching Responsible and Ethical Use of Technology

St. Mary Magdalen students understand the responsibilities and ethical guidelines for using the computers and other forms of technology through signing and agreeing to the Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement. They and their parents sign a document that states they understand and agree to the ethical technology standards. In class, the students discuss the rules and expectations of technology used in the school.