Uniform Policy and Links

St. Mary Magdalen School requires students to wear approved school uniforms.

School uniforms remind students and parents that we are part of a Catholic school community with certain expectations in standards of social conduct and academics. Our school also seeks to establish an environment where children are known for who they are inside, rather than for the appearance they project on the outside. The uniform policy levels the playing field and provides a sense of unity among children from all situations. Uniforms also provide a tangible means of allowing teachers and staff to instantly identify outsiders who may or may not belong on the school grounds.

A detailed description of the uniform policy may be found in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Dennis School Uniform Email Notification

Where to Purchase Uniforms

New uniforms may be purchased from the Dennis Uniform Store through their website only. Our school code is XTM435.

Gently Used School Uniforms

Used uniforms at very reasonable prices are also available for purchase in the St. Mary Magdalen School Used Uniform Room located in the security portable. Stop by anytime during the school year to shop. Additionally, the school hosts a uniform sale every summer. Donations of gently used uniforms are gladly accepted!

P.E. Uniform Policy

All 7th and 8th Grade P.E. students are required to wear St. Mary Magdalen School P.E. uniforms. St. Mary Magdalen School P.E. uniforms are available through DENNIS Uniform Company (see contact information above).

Free Dress Guidelines

From time to time throughout the year, students are offered the chance to wear “free dress” instead of the standard school uniform. We understand that current styles are the first preference for students when they are offered the opportunity for free dress at school. We ask your support in ensuring your student is appropriately dressed for our Catholic school’s free dress days.

Current styles can be significantly less modest and less conservative than our school uniforms. Please help your girls wear appropriate-length skirts and modest tops and pants. Even on free dress days, we do not allow tank tops or spaghetti straps. Boys should also dress appropriately, avoiding excessively baggy clothes or jeans with holes, etc. Student shoes should be safe for stairs, recess, and our outside grounds. Thank you for helping your student measure up to the values of our school.