Akashio, Misako - 5A

Email: makashio@stmarym.org
Phone:425-353-7559 Ext:

Borseth, Addison - 2B

Borseth Addison
Email: aborseth@stmarym.org
Phone:425-353-7559 Ext:

Buennagel, Maureen - 1A

Buennagel, Maureen
Email: mbuennagel@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Mrs. Buennagel is entering her 21st year as a 1st grade teacher at St. Mary Magdalen. This is her 30th year teaching. She holds a B.A. in Elementary Education from Seattle University and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Lesley University. Mrs. Buennagel and her husband both graduated from SMM and she was honored as the Distinguished Alumni in 2009. She served many years as Department Head for the primary department and currently serves as a faculty liaison for the Technology Committee. Mr. and Mrs. Buennagel are camping enthusiasts having visited many national and state parks over the years.

Castro, Felice - KB

Castro, Felice
Email: fcastro@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Chu, Fred - Orchestra

Chu, Fred
Email: fred_chu@hotmail.com
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Conrow, Natalie - 6B

Conrow Natalie
Email: nconrow@stmarym.org
Phone: Ext:

Cortez, Christina - 4A

Cortez Christina
Email: ccortez@stmarym.org
Phone: Ext:

Duplantier, Joanie - Preschool

Duplantier, Joanie
Email: jduplantier@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Fisher, Frank - Facilities Manager

Fisher, Frank
Email: ffisher@smmparish.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Flores, Maria - KB Aide

Flores Maria
Email: mflores@stmarym.org
Phone: Ext:

Framel, Courtney - School Counselor

Framel Courtney
Email: cframel@stmarym.org
Phone: Ext:

Geppert, Joan - KA Aide

Geppert Joan
Email: jgeppert@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Harris, Heidi - 1B

Heidi, Harris
Email: hharris@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Holt, Mary Jane - 4B

Holt Mary Jane
Email: mholt@stmarym.org
Phone: Ext:

Houghton, Bernie - 3A

Houghton, Bernie
Email: bhoughton@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Juarez, Silvia - Office Manager

Juarez Silvia
Email: sjuarez@stmarym.org
Phone: Ext:

Latta, Annalise - Reading Specialist

Latta Annalise
Email: ajohnson@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Lesniak, Dawn - 6A

Lesniak, Dawn
Email: dlesniak@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Macwan, Ketal - Preschool Aide

Macwan Ketal
Email: kmacwan@stmarym.org
Phone: Ext:

Mallahan, Laura - Library

Mallahan Laura
Email: lauram@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Martin, Nicole - 2A

Martin, Nicole
Email: nmartin@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Matei, Steve - Janitor

Matei, Steve
Email: noreply@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

McMurray, Maureen - Music

McMurray, Maureen
Email: mmcmurray@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Mendoza, Irma - Preschool Teacher

Mendoza Irma
Email: imendoza@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Molitoris, Charity - Preschool Aide

Molitoris Charity
Email: cmolitoris@stmarym.org
Phone: Ext:

Moore, Kristin - Development & Admissions

Moore, Kristin
Email: kmoore@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Olson, Colleen - Secretary

Olson, Colleen
Email: colson@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Ramseyer, David - Principal

Ramseyer David
Email: dramseyer@stmarym.org
Phone:425-353-7559 Ext: 102

Rennert, MaryLou - Preschool Aide

Rennert, MaryLou
Email: mrennert@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Rivord, Sue - Music

Rivord Sue
Email: srivord@stmarym.org
Phone:425-353-7559 Ext:

Scherger, Rachel - Div. Learning Spl

Scherger, Rachel
Email: rscherger@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Spencer, Doug - Band Teacher

Spencer, Doug
Email: bongodrum@juno.com
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Sprague, Margaret - MS Science

Email: msprague@stmarym.org
Phone:425-353-7559 Ext:

Stemerick, Jennifer - 3B

Stemerick, Jennifer
Email: jstemerick@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Mrs. Jennifer Stemerick grew up in Everett, where she enjoyed going to St. Mary Magdalen School K-8 and Archbishop Murphy High School. She received her Bachelor degree in Elementary Education from Western Washington University and Master’s Degree in Literacy Instruction at Seattle University. She has taught several grades since 2007 and loves 3rd grade! She was honored that Father Olson married her at St. John’s Mission in 2010. They were blessed with their son in 2015. She is excited for the new school year!

Strafford, Jean - Finance Manager

Email: jstrafford@stmarym.org
Phone:425-353-7559 Ext: 103

Tyndall, Julie - 5B

Tyndall, Julie
Email: jtyndall@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Wang, Laura - 7A

Laura Wang
Email: lwang@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

White, Katie - KA

White, Katie
Email: kwhite@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Mrs. White is so excited for another great year in KA! She has been at SMM since 2014, and has been teaching in Catholic schools since 2002. Over the years, Mrs. White has taught many grade levels and subjects, but kindergarten is her absolute favorite! She loves being part of the early learning process and seeing the amazing connections that kindergarteners make every day. Mrs. White graduated with a BA in education and history from CWU (go Wildcats!) and earned a M.Ed. from Seattle U (go Redhawks!) She lives in Everett with her husband, Jared, and two sons. Eliot is a fourth grader and Liam is a second grader, both at SMM. They also have a 14-year-old dog named Macy, and a very large goldfish named Sherbert. Some of Mrs. White's favorites, in no particular order: Dogs, Diet Coke, Chocolate, Hiking, Books, and Snow!

Wilson, Elizabeth - 8B

Wilson, Elizabeth
Email: ewilson@stmarym.org
Phone:(425) 353-7559 Ext:

Zahn, Jennifer - Extension Manager

Email: jzahn@stmarym.org
Phone:4253537559 Ext:


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