Our History

64 Years of Academic Excellence and Counting

St. Mary Magdalen (SMM) Catholic School’s history began in 1960 with the arrival of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. The school opened on September 7th, 1960, with Sister M. Michael Francis as our first principal. The mascot, “Irish”, was chosen in honor of our first priest, Fr. William Lane, who was from Ireland.

SMM has undergone significant growth over the years. Portables were added in 1963 to accommodate sixth, seventh, and eighth grade classes. In 1983, a new wing doubled the size of the school to manage its extraordinary growth. Kindergarten classes were introduced in 1987, followed by the start of our preschool program in 1999. In January 2019, our sport court was enclosed to become a gym and during the summer of 2020, the remodel of our church was complete.

In 60 plus years, many changes have occurred, including the transition to a faculty and staff entirely composed of lay people. However, much has also remained unchanged. We still provide an excellent education and remain faithful to the teachings and mission of our Catholic faith, welcoming those of other faiths as well. Our diverse student body now comes from all over Snohomish County and North King County.

Students at SMM engage in daily prayers, weekly masses, sacrament preparation, service projects, and special observances. They are encouraged to actively participate in their faith and serve others.

Today, St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School thrives. Built on the strong foundation laid by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, we blend rigorous, 21st-century academics with a values-centered philosophy. From preschool through eighth grade, we cultivate the success of our students by nurturing their individual strengths. An education at SMM shapes the future of our students and empowers them to shape our world!