Kindergarten – 8th Grade Programs

Nationally Accredited

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School proudly attained the prestigious full six-year renewal accreditation status from both the National Association of Accredited Schools and the Western Catholic Education Association in 2023. We extend a warm invitation for you to explore the comprehensive WCEA Facts and Guidelines, along with the detailed St. Mary Magdalen School Accreditation Report.

Kindergarten – 8th Grade Common Core Curriculum

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School stands as one of the largest Catholic schools in Washington, attracting students from across Snohomish County.

Kindergarten through 5th grade classes are self-contained, with teachers occasionally exchanging classes as needed. For grades 6, 7, and 8, the classes are departmentalized, with each student assigned a homeroom teacher.

Our Grade Level Expectations align with the Washington K-12 Common Core standards established by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. At St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School, we are dedicated to providing a rigorous curriculum across all subject areas. Our curriculum encompasses English/Language Arts (including reading, writing, spelling, speaking, and listening), Mathematics, Social Studies (encompassing history, geography, and civics), Science, Music (weekly), Physical Education (twice weekly), Library/Media (weekly), and Social Emotional Learning (weekly).

Beyond the Common Core

Beyond mastering core subjects, our students receive holistic instruction in the following areas, ensuring their development into well-rounded individuals:

Religion – At St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School, nurturing a vibrant Christian community lies at the heart of our mission. Our students engage in daily religious instruction, supplemented by a multitude of community service initiatives. From monthly food drives in collaboration with St. Vincent de Paul to school grounds clean-up efforts and fundraising for those affected by natural disasters, our students actively embody the values of compassion and service. Regardless of faith background, all students benefit from moral formation, participation in liturgical activities and private prayer, opportunities for community service, and immersion in scriptural teachings.

Music – Every student at our school participates in music education. Music students especially shine during the annual Christmas program at the Everett Civic Theater. Moreover, we offer a variety of extracurricular opportunities in the arts for those interested, such as orchestra and involvement in our school musical productions.

Spanish – Spanish is introduced to the curriculum starting in 5th grade. Our Spanish program aims to equip students with foundational conversational and written skills comparable to those of first-year high school Spanish.

Physical Education – Every student at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School engages in structured physical education classes twice a week, with each session lasting 45 minutes.

Social Emotional Learning – Each week, all students at our school dedicate a 45-minute session to Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Through this program, we prioritize the holistic development of every child, fostering positive friendships and equipping them with essential problem-solving skills.

Library/Media – Each week, our students receive focused and intentional instruction in library science, information technology, and media literacy during a 45-minute session. Visit our library webpage to explore a selection of the instructional websites students utilize throughout the academic year.