Kindergarten – 8th Grade Programs

Nationally Accredited

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School earned the full six-year renewal status of accreditation through the National Association of Accredited Schools and the Western Catholic Education Association in 2015. We invite you to examine the WCEA facts and guidelines as well as the St. Mary Magdalen School accreditation report in full.

Kindergarten – Eighth Grade Class Structure

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School is one of the largest Catholic schools in the Washington with students drawn from all over Snohomish County.

Kindergarten through 5th are self-contained with teachers exchanging classes when appropriate. Grades 6, 7, and 8 are departmentalized with a teacher serving as homeroom teacher.

Our Grade Level Expectations are based on the Washington K – 12 Common Core standards issued by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School takes pride in offering a challenging curriculum of instruction in all subject areas. Curriculum areas are English/Language Arts (reading, writing, spelling, speaking, listening), Mathematics, Social Studies (history, geography, civics), Science, Music (1x per week), Physical Education (2x’s per week), Library/Media (1x per week), and Social Emotional Learning (1x per week).

Beyond the Common Core

In addition to studying core subjects, our students become well-rounded individuals through instruction in the following areas:

Religion – As a Catholic School, building a Christian community is at the center of everything we do. St. Mary Magdalen students receive daily instruction in religion. Together with formal classes, students participate in a wealth of community service projects, such as monthly food drives in conjunction with St. Vincent de Paul, grounds clean-up at the school, and fundraisers to help victims of natural disaster. Both Catholic and non-Catholic students also share the benefits of value formation, opportunities for liturgy and private prayer, opportunities for service to the community, and orientation to scripture.

Music – All students study music.  Additionally, there are many extracurricular activities in the arts available for interested students, including orchestra and participation in the school musical.

Physical Education – All students at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School participate in a structured physical education class twice a week for 45 minute sessions.

Social Emotional Learning – All students have SEL once a week as a 45 minute session. Our philosophy of working with the whole child is supported as students learn about positive friendships and problem solving.

Counselor’s Corner

Library/Media – All students have targeted, purposeful instruction in the library science, information technology and media literacy once a week for 45 minutes.  Click on the link to our library webpage to view a sampling of the instructional websites students use throughout the year.

Library Homepage