2024-2025 Tuition and Fees

In Parish TuitionOut of Parish TuitionPreschool (3 & 4 yrs.)
1 child$8,617.931 child$10,568.12Half Day$4,369.26
2 children$15,167.022 children$19,158.69Full Day$8,738.52
3 children$20,683.033 children$25,853.79
4 children$27,577.374 children$34,471.72

In-Parish Tuition Qualifications

  • The family is registered as members of St. Mary Magdalen Parish and St. John Mission.
  • Click HERE to register as a member of the Parish
  • The family has a Sacrificial Giving Pledge Card on file at their parish office and contributes regularly.
  • Click HERE to complete pledge card online
  • Sunday Mass attendance is part of the family’s life.


Registration Fee

$265 per family Grades P-3 through 8.

This fee covers administrative costs for registration.

Curriculum and Book Fee

$225  per student – K-8

$120  per student – 4 year olds

$70    per student – 3 year olds

This fee covers curriculum, paper, art supplies, testing materials, text books, and student enrichment.

Technology Fee

$137.50  per student – K-8

This fee covers technology hardware, software, equipment, online instructional subscriptions

Additional Fees

$350 per 5th grade student-Outdoor School

$500 per 8th grade student-Naturebridge Outdoor School.  This fee is collected during the 7th grade year.

$75 – per 8th grade student—Graduation Fee

This fee covers Graduation Ceremony, Awards, Graduation Reception and  2 Parent Brunch tickets.

FACTS Tuition Management Program

FACTS is our online tuition management system.  All school families are required to FACTS%2BLogocreate an account and pay tuition and fees through the FACTS system.  To create an account, click here.  If you need further assistance in creating your account, please contact FACTS directly at 866-441-4637.

Volunteer Service Hours Obligation

  • Each family is required to serve 30 approved service hours each school year.
  • The requirement for families with preschool students only is 15 hours per year.
  • Service Hours are worked from May 19, 2024 to May 16, 2025.
  • After May 16, 2025 any unworked Service Hours ($20.00 per every unworked hours) will be charged to your FACTS account.
  • Hours and/or proceeds from volunteering are not transferable to other families or other contract obligations.

Fundraising Obligation

  • SCRIP obligation: Each family has a yearly SCRIP Fundraising Obligation of $400.
  • Raffle obligation:  Each family is required to sell 25 – $20 tickets.