Art Docent Program Looking for Volunteers

The Art Docent program is designed to give students, 1st – 8th grade, an opportunity to learn about famous art and artists, to explore the various elements of art, and to create their own “masterpieces” during a session with an Art Docent volunteer. We need your help to make this program a success! Each spring, the annual art show showcases the outstanding projects our students have created throughout the past year. Sign up here to volunteer.

The SMM Art Docent Program began in 2007 by now retired teacher, Monnica Peinado. Our current Art Docent Coordinator is Jem Roberts. Funding for the program primarily comes from Parents Club contributions through our BOX TOPS fundraising. Volunteers are an integral and consistent part of the Art Docent program. Volunteers visit monthly to introduce and expose students to Master Artists, Art History and the Elements and Principles of Art.

This program was designed to simplify the process so that volunteers feel equipped, empowered and excited to visit the classroom monthly or as a one time experience. Volunteer times include 20 minutes of preparation/set up time, up to 1.5 hours of instructional time and 15 minutes of clean up time (washing tables, putting away projector, clean up of art supplies, putting/organizing art supplies back into the art supply closet).

*All materials are provided in the art docent cabinet. There is no need to purchase additional supplies.

Art Docent Mission
  • To introduce students to Master Artists and their contribution to Global and Cultural art forms.
  • To examine the Elements of Art (line, shape, form, color, value, texture and space) as building blocks of art or the “ingredients” need to make art.
  • To recognize that the Principals of Art (balance, emphasis, proportion, movement, pattern, variety, unity) are the tools to make art.
  • To challenge students to use various art media including, but not limited to Paints (paint, pastel, markers, crayons), Papers, Printmaking, Pencil and Sculpture.
  • To emphasize that visual arts teach students appreciation, knowledge, creativity, and expression for artistic and academic success.
  • Art Docent volunteers will meet with Jem to review accessing and using the projector and screen, location of supporting materials and artwork, the classroom structure in the Art Docent classroom (the Extension portable is now used as the Art Docent classroom), and all curriculum assignments.
  • Volunteers will also learn proper cleaning/organizing procedures for the art supplies.
  • And most of all, HAVE FUN! The students LOVE Art Docent Days!

Sign up here to volunteer to become an Art Docent.

 Program Coordinator:  Jem Roberts     Email: