Math Club



About Math Club

Math Club meets every Monday after school from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. to solve challenging math problems independently as well as collaboratively.  The purpose of the club is for the students to develop a deeper understanding and passion for mathematics, compete in competitions, build confidence, and improve problem solving skills.  Admission is open to all students in 5th – 8th grade at a cost of $30.00. Click here for the registration form.

Math Club Guidelines

Math club members should show a genuine interest in math and enjoy solving detailed math problems. Members will be expected to attend all meetings and actively participate.  Students that are not putting forth a reasonable effort or who are disruptive will be dismissed from the club.

Members will have opportunities to participate in various math competitions throughout the year.

Math Competitions:

  • 5 in-class competitions from MOEMS (Math Olympiad for Elementary & Middle Schools) throughout the year
  • Math is Cool
  • Washington State Math Championship
  • St. Mary Magdalen

Parent Volunteers

The math club is always looking for parent volunteers to support its activities.  Please call Phuong Tran at 425-418-9981 if you are interested in  helping.

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