Math Club

About Math Club

Math Club meets every Monday after school from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. to solve challenging math problems independently as well as collaboratively.  The purpose of the club is for the students to develop a deeper understanding and passion for mathematics, compete in competitions, build confidence, and improve problem solving skills.  Admission is open to all students in 5th – 8th grade at a cost of $30.00. Click here for the registration form.

Math Club Guidelines

Math club members should show a genuine interest in math and enjoy solving detailed math problems. Members will be expected to attend all meetings and actively participate. Members will have opportunities to participate in various math competitions throughout the year.

Math Competitions:

  • 5 in-class competitions from MOEMS (Math Olympiad for Elementary & Middle Schools) throughout the year
  • Math is Cool
  • Washington State Math Championship
  • St. Mary Magdalen

Parent Volunteers

The math club is always looking for parent volunteers to support its activities.  Please call the school if you are interested in helping.