Your fundraising obligation can only be met through participation in the SCRIP prgram. The obligation is $400 per family net to school. Use the SCRIP program to buy gas, groceries, and other purchases.

How does SCRIP work?

SCRIP is a fundraising program for schools. Through SCRIP, school families purchase gift cards from a variety of businesses, including box stores, local retailers, gas stations, and restaurants. The gift cards are sold at a discount of 1% to 20%, but are used at face value. The difference between the discounted price and the face value of the card goes into the St. Mary Magdalen School General Fund as profit. For example, if you purchase a $100.00 Safeway gift card with a 5% discount through SCRIP, $5.00 is given to the school.

Meeting your Fundraising Obligation with SCRIP

Each family has a $400.00 SCRIP fundraising obligation that can only be met through participation in this easy program. When you purchase gift cards through SCRIP, you receive fundraising credit for the amount we receive toward your SCRIP fundraising obligation. As in the example above, if you purchase a $100.00 Safeway gift card with a 5% discount through SCRIP, $5.00 is given to the school – and your family earns $5.00 toward your fundraising obligation.

Our profit goal this year is $100,000. This goal is achievable if everyone participates. In addition, SCRIP works for anyone, not just school families. We encourage you to ask your family, friends, and coworkers to purchase SCRIP as well. Any purchases made in your name will count towards your fundraising credit, so spread the word!

Signing Up with SCRIP

It just takes a few minutes. Here are the steps:

Visit SCRIP online and click “Get Started”.
Choose “Join a SCRIP program”.
Enter the St. Mary Magdalen School enrollment code: 28DE91DE4965.
Fill out the required information and click “Register”.

That’s it! You are now on your way to meeting your fundraising obligation with SCRIP.

How and when do I order Scrip?

You can order SCRIP online using the school enrollment code 28DE91DE4965. You can also purchase or pick up SCRIP at the SCRIP office, which is located in the Security Portable #402. Please see the SCRIP Office Hours schedule to see when we are open and to find important information about SCRIP order dates.

Questions about SCRIP?

If you have questions about SCRIP, please email or call (425) 353-7559 ext. 108. Thank you for your support of this excellent program!