Remote Learning

Families of St. Mary Magdalen,

I wanted to share with you some features of our remote learning program. Remote learning is an opportunity to maintain a continuity of education during this challenging time in our State’s history. Remote learning may feel different than traditional classroom education but the intent and focus of our staff is to deliver effective content, in a timely manner, that addresses essential State standards in preparation for your student to move to the next grade level. Teachers have received training and have been practicing with remote learning tools during this school year. Below we describe some policies that will be in effect while we provide education through remote learning.


Attendance will be taken daily through Google Classroom. Teachers will communicate how to submit attendance through their Google Classroom.

Google Classroom:

Google Classroom will be used by staff to deliver content and store lesson information. Other web resources may be used in support of Google Classroom, but Google Classroom will be our primary means to deliver content.

Online Resources:

In order to have all of the additional resources that staff may use as part of instruction in one place please use the link below. This link will also be on our school website’s homepage.

Office Hours:

All staff will post their office hours in their Google Classroom. They will be available to answer questions by email for students and parents. Twice a day staff will hold office hours for 30 minutes with one session occurring in the morning and one session occurring in the afternoon. Staff should reply to emailed questions in a timely manner. Staff may choose to communicate additional times they will be available for assistance.


Email will be the primary way staff will communicate with parents. If staff are able to access the building, they may also be able to communicate over the phone, but email should be used as an initial tool for communication.

The Main Office:

At this time the main office will be staffed during normal school hours to receive phone calls.

How to Support Your Student in Remote Learning:

  1. Set a routine. Help your student set up a regular time to complete schoolwork. Routines help the student make sure work is completed consistently and it helps your student be more productive.
  2. Establish a quiet working space free of distraction. Help your student focus on schoolwork by helping them remove distractions such as the TV, video games, loud music and other elements that may make it difficult to concentrate on their work.
  3. Encourage your student to ask for help and let them know if it feels like they are struggling or it is taking longer than normal to do an assignment that it is okay to stop and send a question to their teacher.