Our 2023 Jog-a-Thon Kicks Off Today!

Today marks the kick-off of our annual SMM Jog-a-Thon!  We spent the afternoon at an all-school Kick Off assembly informing students about the fundraiser and how they can raise money for our school. This year the goal is $50,000 and I know we can do this! The event is organized entirely by staff and parent volunteers and a link to the official website can be found here at SMM Jog-a-Thon On September 22, 2023, we will celebrate our schools accomplishments with the run itself. Parents are invited to join us as volunteers or to cheer on the students in designated areas.

Starting today through September 22nd students will have the opportunity to raise money for our school, while being active and building school pride. Prizes will be awarded to students as well as teachers for meeting goals throughout the campaign. We will have tiers identified for the following: overall top fundraiser, overall top fundraiser per grade, teacher with the overall top fundraising class, individual prizes for students who receive a minimum of $50 in donations, and classroom incentives. 

The run itself will be held on the Lower Soccer Field.

In order to achieve our goal of $50,000, we are asking students to visit the official SMM Jog-a-Thon website and join their class team. Then create an individual page to send out to family and friends as a way to obtain donations in the week leading up to the run.  

How you participate:

  • Log into the website SMM Jog-a-Thon then scroll down the page and select your class from the list of “Top Teams”. Select “Join Team” and from there you can create your very own page.
  • Contact your family, friends, and any potential sponsors to ask for a donation right on our school’s website!
  • Please ask family, friends, and neighbors (near and far!) to support our event by sponsoring your child’s participation. Did you know many employers will match employee contributions? Be sure to check with your sponsors to see if their employers will match.
  • Students: Lace up your sneakers, throw on your gym clothes, have your water bottle ready, and have fun!



Every student who earns $50 in pledges will receive a Jog-a-Thon t-shirt. 


Determined by each Team Captain (classroom teacher)


The Overall Top Earner in the school will receive their choice of one of the following: A gift card for a party of 5-7 people at High Trek in Mukilteo or a gift card for a party of up to 10 people at Flying Squirrel in Everett.

*The Top Earner from each grade: $50 Amazon Gift Card

 Teacher of Top Earning Class: $100 gift card of your choice from the Scrip office.

*If our school achieves the goal of $50,000 the top earner from each class will participate in making a Dr. Mahar ice cream sundae! Each of the top earners will have the opportunity to dump chocolate syrup, sprinkles, cherries, whip cream and more chocolate syrup all over Dr. Mahar after the fun run!

Donations must be received by September 22nd to be eligible for prizes.

Please email the Run coordinator, Melissa Morrier-Turk at mmorrierturk@stmarym.org if you have any questions. Thank you and GO IRISH!