Weekly Recap, May 28, 2020

Dear St. Mary Magdalen Families,

Wow – another week has come and gone in the blink of an eye! I hope everyone is healthy and safe as we continue to navigate rough waters. Rest assured; we continue to provide continuous learning grounded in our faith. A celebration of a job well done is not enough! Truly, St. Mary Magdalen did not miss a beat in the transition, and we have not stopped since March 16th. Your students missed one day as our teachers prepared to create the best distance learning experience possible.

Our website is undergoing some major changes to reflect the good works of St. Mary Magdalen. We want everyone to know the value we place on quality Catholic Education, especially in this ‘new normal’. I have had so many families tell me how much they appreciate the learning that has been happening – spread the word!

As we close out the school year your teachers and the office will keep you apprised of schedules and times that allow for exchange of materials which need to be returned to you or, which you may need to return to us.

Please remember, your students had absolutely no control over this event and therefore, we can ‘do no harm’ when it comes to their grades and GPA for the year. What this means is, you will receive a narrative about their work during 3rd Trimester, centered around the essential learnings as designated by their grade level teachers. They will either be “Meeting Standards” or “Working To Standards”.  Their end of year grade can be no lower than what they would have received on March 12th, the last day of second trimester. In most circumstances, the average of Trimester 1 and Trimester 2 will be their FINAL grade. However, in the rare circumstance that is not the case, the default is to round up to what it would have been on March 12th.

Lastly, I’ve had several requests for summer resources. We will publish a list before the end of the school year. We want to avoid the ‘summer slide’ as much as possible!

I will keep you updated as we move along regarding plans for the fall. I do know we’ll have to create several plans! The Archdiocese is providing us with support and direction. I understand the issues with preschool and the developmental appropriateness of young ones on screens. I am pursuing, aggressively, the possibility of onsite childcare. We just need to make sure the health and safety of all is kept integral.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or stop by and ring the doorbell! I am here and would love a visit! Our prayers are with you and your family.



Dr. Mahar